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Advice for those Designing a Billboard

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Advice for those Designing a Billboard

When it comes to getting a business’s name out there, many will quickly focus on the wide variety of social media platforms available on the internet. But then the issue becomes one of figuring out a way to get potential customers to the needed sites. A business could have the most amazing homepage and social media presence, but if no one knows about them, then these tools are useless. By using physical advertising, in the form a billboard, you can be guaranteed a specific number of people will see your message daily. You can make the most of your advertising investment by following these guidelines:

Make it as simple as possible

Remember that most billboards will be seen by drivers traveling at highway speeds. No matter how great it is, no one is going to be stopping to read the message. These potential customers will have a very brief window to view and comprehend the message. Consider what it is the absolute minimum information needed. If the design you’d like to implement cannot be read and understood in about 5 seconds, then the design will need to be reworked.

It needs to be eye catching

This one can be rather tricky. You need to catch the driver’s attention, but you want to do it in a way that will not cause any undue distraction, and isn’t cluttered. An easy mistake to mistake would be have many small pictures filling up the space. Instead, consider one large high resolution picture that makes use of bright contrasting colors. This is a simple way grab attention and leave the viewer with a striking visual.

Make sure it is readable

The larger and clearer the words are on the sign, the farther away drivers will be able to view the message. If a viewer can’t read your billboard’s message your advertising dollars will be not be used efficiently. Don’t use a bunch of fancy fonts, thin letters, or have the letters bunched together. All of these will increase the time it will take the viewer to read the message.

Be memorable

This might seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but don’t plaster your website address or phone number all over the billboard. Remember, the viewers are going to driving very quickly, they will not have time to write these things down, and trying to take a photograph of a billboard with a cellphone can lead to dangerously distracted driving. Based on how you market yourself on the billboard, if you give the potential customer reason to remember your name and the services, they’ll find you.