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Agency or Freelancer Designer? That is the Question

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Agency or Freelancer Designer? That is the Question

If you have to hire someone to complete a design project, you may struggle to decide between working with a freelancer or working with an agency. Both have different strengths, so you should consider what your business needs before making a decision.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer:

One-on-One Communication

If you hire a freelancer, it's easier to be in direct communication. When working with an agency, you may only be able to contact a secretary or manager to relay a message. Direct communication with your designer can help speed up the process, and it will ensure that your designer gets your message.


Agencies have set work hours, but freelancers often work on more flexible hours. It's not a guarantee that freelance designers will get back to you in the evening or over the weekend, but it's more likely than when you're working with an agency.


Many freelancers work from home, so their overhead costs are much cheaper. Therefore, their rates tend to be cheaper than agencies' rates. If you're on a tight budget or if cost-effectiveness is one of your priorities, a freelance designer will probably be the right decision for you.

Benefits of Hiring an Agency

Broader Skill Sets

Agencies often have teams of people working on each project, and each team member will bring their unique skills to the table. Even if only one person in an agency is responsible for your project, he or she can consult other designers in the agency for help. If you need complex project completed, the diversity of an agency is a big advantage.

Heavier Work Loads

Because agencies can assign multiple people to your design project, they can usually handle heavier work loads in a shorter time than freelancers. If you're on a strict time schedule for your project, it's probably better to hire an agency.

More Collaboration

It can be very helpful for designers to brainstorm together for a project. One designer may think of a great way to build upon another designer's idea, or someone on a team might see a problem with an idea that no one else notices. Collaboration can often lead to a higher-quality finished product.

Whether you choose a freelance designer or an agency, it's important to look at their portfolio and consider their experience before hiring them. The best choice for you will depend on your budget, your deadline, and the demands of the project itself.