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Best Apple Apps for the Cell Phone Photographer

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Best Apple Apps for the Cell Phone Photographer

With how many apps for photography that are released and available in the Apple Store it can be confusing to determine which ones will help you achieve in actually bringing out the best in your picture. That is why we have handpicked apps we think will make a photographer's life a little easier to shot quality pictures on an iPhone.


This is an app that offers photographers more control over the quality of the photos and enhances beyond the iPhone's usual RAW capabilities. By offering a wider range of advanced tools you are able to bring more clarity, more exposure controls, digitally zoom up to x6, a continue flash, frontal flash, a selection of 30 1-touch preset filters, and set a timer, all on one well-organized platform that will make it easy to adjust any photo shot to your preference.


A popular, all-purpose photo editor that excels with enhancing and correcting photos with ease. It is packed with useful features, such as, exposure, color, sharpening, filters, while also giving you advancing tools that allow selective adjustments and removing unwanted objects in your pictures.

Adobe Photoshop Express

When it comes to editing software, it is really hard to go wrong with a well-known company like Adobe editing software. It offers the same unique aftereffects features that allow you to add layers, blend images together, use a selection tool, and make all the adjustments that give your image a creative success.


If your pictures are focused on people then this app is perfect for you, as it will fade away all those imperfections and details you don't want in a photo. It allows you to do very specific touch-ups that will make your model shine, like whiten teeth, change eye color, cover marks, make color corrections, remove blemishes, smooth skin, giving you a flawless end result.


This app brings you the gold standard for professional iOS photography that is user-friendly for beginners while also providing an array of DSLR controls for the experts. It has everything you need for the job including strong exposure, tint sensitivity, night camera, full-resolution previews, as well as, 70 unique filters and effects to make your projects pop.


If HDR is important to you, then you may want to take a look at this app as it offers an arrange of different features that will widen your control over exposures, digital zoom, tone mapping settings, and offer an array of beautiful preset filters at your disposal, making your photos vibrant and crystal clear.