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Pros and Cons of Hiring a US-Based Agency vs. Freelancer

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Pros and Cons of Hiring a US-Based Agency vs. Freelancer

There has been a lot of discussion recently about how to conform to the US President's wishes concerning shifting hiring of people for jobs back to the United States. Some of the intellectual spillover has created discussion around the topic of whether a US-based Agency is a better hire than a Freelancer for work that needs to be done for US-based companies.

Here are some pros and cons of hiring a US-based Agency for your temporary contractor and managed services needs:

Pro: US Firms Are Subject To Information Ethics Laws

Sarbanes Oaxley and other regulations make it imperative for US companies to ensure that they are not creating information problems for their clients. When you use a US-based agency to hire workers, they are subject to rules that make it disadvantageous to use your information in ways that can harm you.

It is common to hear a lot about how contractors have allowed companies to be hacked from the inside. Over the past decade, almost 30 percent of the information breaches in major companies came from workers that were already onsite. The problem for many companies is that the cost of an information breach that is caused by workers on the inside is typically much greater than when someone tries to hack the company from the outside.

So finding a US-based partner, like the web design experts at JLB, can provide you with ethical workers can save your firm a lot of money.

Con: Freelancers go away when the project ends

If you are just staffing up for a project that will end in several months, when you hire an agency to help, you will get the talent that you need. At the same time, that and the agency likely regard you as a good future source of revenue. You will therefore come under pressure to keep some or all of the contractors that you hired temporarily. With freelancers this isn't normally the case. They tend to come in, work through the contract, and then leave when you want them too.

Pro: US agencies can help increase your opportunity

Obviously, hiring people as employees is going to be the most popular thing in the community. Then again, if the choice comes down to using a US agency to help you hire people or a freelancer, the US agency might end up being better because your clients will see that you are hiring locally and may respond by being more amenable to helping you expand than they would be if you hired freelancers.

So the next time that you hire people, remember that if you use a US agency, you will likely end up with people that obey intellectual property rules and help you to increase your opportunity.