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What are the Images Sizes for Facebook Ads?

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What are the Images Sizes for Facebook Ads?

Facebook is one of the top social media websites used around the world. Not only does this social media platform provide endless communication tools between friends, but it also proves to be an exceptional way for businesses to advertise their products and services.

One way Facebook helps businesses advertise is by enabling product and service ads to be designed and displayed to users as they browse. Although it may seem cut-and-dry to include images for your Facebook ads, there are some sizing and design recommendations that will help ensure your ads are clear and visible for users browsing the platform.

When deciding on the size of your advertisements, first consider your target audience and ad placement. There are different sizes recommended for mobile advertisements than those which will be displayed on desktops. Additionally, ads can be placed in the news feed or they can be found on the right side column when browsing. Each of these locations will require a different size for ads.

The recommended image size for ads on the Facebook news feed is 1,200 by 628 pixels. Facebook applies a text limit of 90 characters, which is extremely important to maintain. Facebook advertisement specialists recommend the use of 25 characters for all headlines in your advertisements. This is roughly 1/3 of the total character limit. Additionally, link descriptions should be kept under 30 characters each. Facebook recommends to use the smallest amount of text possible and convey the majority of information through imagery. News feed images should be set to a ratio of 4:3 to provide the most clarity in your display.

Right column images sound be set to 254 x 133 pixels. An image ratio of 1.9:1 is recommended for your ads in order to properly display information to users for the advertisements placed in the right-side column.

For images to display on desktop news feeds, it is recommended to use a 470 x 470-pixel size. A maximum of 500 characters is recommended for large desktop news feed ads. Advertisements that target mobile news feeds should be set to 640 x 1,136 pixels. These images will display up to 626 x 840 pixels. Mobile images should have less than 110 characters of text.

This size enables you to provide the most detailed depiction of your business in order to attract customers. Additionally, a 300 dpi minimum will provide the crispest and clear image quality for viewers.

Once you decide on the type of advertisement you want, choose the size based on which audience browses your page the most. Following this size guideline will ensure your advertisements are clear, easy-to-read, and perfect for all viewers.